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After April 8th 2014, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available.

No more Windows XP Technical Support after April 2014

Windows XP End Of Support

Microsoft has announced that support for Windows XP will end from 8th April 2014.

In short this means that...

  • No security or patch updates to meet new virus threats will be released after this date
  • No new hardware driver updates for connectivity to printers and any other new equipment
  • New Software installations may not work on XP

If you continue to use Windows XP, either at home or at work after this date, your security is likely to be comprimised and at risk from the latest viruses and malware attacks.

Virus And Malware Attacks

PC and Business networks will become more vulnerable to virus and malware attacks, plus:

  • Potential theft, destruction or corruption of your data and files
  • You are at an increasing risk of business interruption due to system crashes and systems running slow
  • Loss of productivity and reliability

Our Solutions

Now is the time to upgrade your IT infrastructure.

We can provide two solutions to your problem.

We can review your infrastructure and put together a plan for upgrade and execute the upgrade for you.

We can supply some experienced contract resources to augment your current team to help you with the upgrade process.

Now Is The Time To Upgrade

For many years, IT departments have put off upgrading to later versions of Windows, be that Windows 7 or Windows 8, as older pieces of software are often incompatible with the new operating systems. XP has been a reliable operating system for 12 years, so the reluctance to change is natural, that is until now.

From next year, 8th April 2014, the operating systems have to change.

If you are IT manager or business owner, now is the time to ensure you have the right number of qualified IT personnel to manage the upgrade.

I.T. System Integration

You will also need to consider the integration of existing IT systems into the new operating system as well as the training needed for other departments who may struggle with the changes made to the user interface of the new Windows.

You may also find that new hardware also needs to be budgeted for and installed.

Advanced Planning

IT audits will be required of software and users across the company, including contractors and remote staff - it is a huge task to complete in a short space of time, so advanced planning is the key.

Also, as the time approaches for the changeover, it is very likely that supply and demand for qualified technicians will push up rates and cost of supply.

Being early and planning wisely means that you miss the crush and stay ahead of the problem.

Channel Systems Can Help

If you need help or would just like to talk to a professional about XP then please contact us.

We can help you.

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